VitaBlend Fresh Juice


Introducing the VitaBlend Fresh Juice! Enjoy the perfect smoothies at breakfast, mix frozen cocktails at parties, make protein shakes at the gym, savor lattes at your desk, or blend on-the-go with this easy-to-use blender. Experience Big Blender Power in a compact size! The high-powered motor spins at 20,000rpm, effortlessly blending through ice, nuts, frozen fruit, and leafy greens in seconds. Say goodbye to cleaning hassles! The VitaBlend Fresh Juice has dishwasher-safe parts and a fully water-resistant design. Just add water and soap, blend, rinse, and you're done! No more bulky blenders to clean, ever! With Wireless Charging convenience, The VitaBlend Fresh Juice comes with a stylish, magnetic charging dock. Snap your blender onto the dock after use, ensuring it's always charged and ready to go!